Reviews, Quotes & Press Kit

"Niels has done his homework and is now playing real music, not just "technical jazz". He is truly fun to listen to, and is well on his way to establishing his own voice" (February, 2015).
- Jay Saunders, Director of the University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band®
(and former lead trumpeter with the Stan Kenton Orchestra).

"His sound, man - it's beautiful. The precision of his playing leaves no doubt: he is serious and he knows what it takes to do this kind of music. And he's such a great guy. We are lucky to have him in our program"  (November, 2013).
- Brad Leali, Grammy-nominated saxophonist, Professor of Jazz Saxophone at University of North Texas (and former: musical director/lead alto saxophonist for Harry Connick Jr.; and lead alto saxophonist in The Count Basie Orchestra).
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